Success Stories

“I have closed four multi-million dollar deals as a direct result of LoopNet.”

Steve Staples

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Product used:
Premium Lister

“I received an alert from LoopNet about a great new listing, toured the property, and was in contract in less than 24 hours.”

Robert Williamson

Menlo Park, CA

Product used:
Premium Searcher

LoopNet Facilitates Sale of Five Apartment Buildings
Linda Trumbull of Keller Williams Realty in San Antonio, TX recently listed five apartments buildings on LoopNet and now has all of them under contract. After listing the properties on LoopNet, Trumbull, a Premium Lister, quickly took advantage of LoopNet's ProspectList feature to send customized emails to those LoopNet buyers and brokers who had expressed a specific interest in multi-family properties. Says Trumbull, "I got seven offers in less than two weeks. All the properties are now in title."

Broker Sells Multiple Properties through LoopNet
Larry Marty of Lamar Properties, Inc. in Grovetown, Georgia recently listed an apartment building for sale on LoopNet and was once again pleasantly surprised by the results. "I sold the property after receiving inquiries from 42 principals and 39 brokers," said Marty. "Thanks to LoopNet, I have a different buyer under contract on another apartment building and a list of several other principals that would buy similar properties if I can find them. LoopNet has also successfully helped me sell a 96 unit apartment complex and a 2 tenant commercial building which was placed under contract within 48 hours after I listed the property. I couldn't be more satisfied with Loopnet and highly recommend it for marketing income producing properties."

Email Alert Allows Broker to Secure Hot Property
Lorna Brittan of LBRealcorp in Santa Monica, CA had spent the last four years searching for a property for a client without success until she turned to LoopNet. Brittan set up a daily email alert on LoopNet specifying her clients requirements. "I received an email alert from LoopNet for a property within hours of the listing broker submitting the property." says Brittan. "It was perfect! We toured the site within 24 hours and were in contract almost immediately. There were two back up offers at over asking price right behind us! Timing is everything and LoopNet is great!"

LoopNet Listing Delivers Sale and Additional Customers
Bill Witter of Equity Pro Realty, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida recently listed the Sunshine Villas Apartments, a 32 unit apartment on LoopNet for $1,950,000. "As a result, I not only sold this property but also identified a principal that I represented as a buyer broker on a 146 unit complex, which I closed for $5,950,000," says Witter. "LoopNet Premium Lister is invaluable. I use the ProspectList capability all the time and as soon as I do, I receive dozens of e-mails and phone calls from prospects. I currently have $8,700,000 in pending contracts that came directly from Loopnet leads."

LoopNet Sources Hotel Buyer and Repeat Customer
Joseph Kennedy of Crystal Investment Property in Portland, Oregon is very happy with the results from a hotel listing that he placed on LoopNet. Within a week, the property was viewed more than 540 times. "Additionally, I received multiple offers from LoopNet members," said Kennedy. "and ultimately LoopNet sourced the buyer, who contacted me directly so I represented both sides of the transaction. I was also able to sell him another property that I had listed on LoopNet."

Broker Sells Two Properties to LoopNet Member
Shortly after Elaine McLeod of McLeod and Associates Realty in Daytona Beach, FL listed an apartment building on LoopNet, she received a phone call from an interested LoopNet Member. "We showed him the property on Saturday and he put in a purchase offer on Monday," says McLeod. "The kicker, we also showed him another building on the market which he purchased as well. There's no doubt in my mind that these sales would not have happened so quickly without LoopNet."

Broker Sells 28 Buildings and Finds Tenants on LoopNet
Graham Harrison, Vice President of NAI Capital Commercial in Bakersfield, CA recently sold 28 buildings and 12.5 acres of industrial land with the help of LoopNet Premium Lister. Harrison "placed each of the industrial buildings (ranging in size from 5,000 to 9,000 square feet) on LoopNet for sale. LoopNet's ProspectList feature helped me generate 50% of my leads and 25% of all sales offers. LoopNet not only helped me sell the buildings, but it also helped me find lease tenants for my Investor clients who purchased some of the buildings!"

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