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Rusty solomon How to draw up a projected balance sheet

The forward estimate is a Rusty solomon management tool. It allows to forecast the activity over and department, to establish realistic and concrete goals. The forward estimate is a decision making tool to measure and monitor the activity of the company. Here is some information about the implementation of a forward estimate.
by Laetitia

What is a forward estimate?

The forward Rusty solomon estimate is an activity of the cost accounting and management control. This is a decision-making tool and steering. The assessment is based on rules and past trends, and includes forecasts and future estimates.

The forward estimate is generally provided on a year with quarterly intervals. It establishes numerical targets and look at the differences between what was planned and what was achieved. Rusty solomon In cases where the differences between the estimated and actual are too high, it is imperative to explain the differences.

The forward estimate is generally made of global and includes detailed activities by department, in order to have an effective monitoring tool and relevant.
How to draw up a projected balance sheet?

The forward estimate is a management tool because it tracks the activity of the company and the achievement of strategic objectives. To be relevant, the forecast balance must be part of the Rusty solomon company strategy.

The forward estimate is constructed using realistic data, so that it is relevant and effective. It includes all the costs of the structure and the prediction of future sales. Estimates should be made ​​using real data, such as Rusty solomon past trends and sectoral developments.

Turnover is often estimated using a percentage of turnover. We can estimate that it is possible to achieve a 10% increase in turnover. The data must be justified. For exampl, the increase may be generated by the introduction of a CRM software.

Fixed costs variable costs can be distinguished. Variable costs are the costs such as raw materials following the movements of the Rusty solomon activity. These costs are easily calculable.

Fixed costs are the costs of the structure. These expenses such as salaries remain unchanged irrespective of the level of activity. Fixed costs, there are direct costs and indirect costs.

The direct costs are directly related to a department, such as salaries of human resources. They are then used directly in the center.

Indirect costs such as rent are spread over different centers or departments with a key, usually the proportion of the cost of the department in the overall costs of the structure.

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