Rick Gaul

Land Brokerage & Tenant Representation for The Woodlands and North Houston area

Rick Gaul

Conroe, TX


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I have over 25 years of Real Estate and Financial background. I have over 15 years of Residential Development experience and have been a Real Estate Broker for at least that as well.
I have always been recognized as strong leader in business and the community. Although I bring a great deal of knowledge and experience, my major strengths are Operations and Managing People. My ability to surround myself with great people has clearly been the best formula to building great companies. I learned early in my career that finding sufficient capital for growth was relatively easy, finding great people was the most difficult and clearly was the key to successful growth and profitability. I have extensive training and experience in Recruiting, Selection, Training, Managing, and Motivating people (RSTMM).
I have the ability to make quick decisions regardless of the magnitude, however I always base any decision on the long term impact of all concerned. If I do not have the sufficient data to make an intelligent decision I defer it until I do. I have always believed and trained, you will gain more respect by saying I dont know than bluffing your way through anything.

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